Exclusive interview with Alexander Dik

Exclusive interview with Alexander Dik

My artistic practice mirrors the dichotomy of my being: externally organized and precise, yet internally chaotic and furious.  It’s a delicate navigation between the realms of beauty and the grotesque.

In anticipation of the solo exhibition "Das Manifest" (The Manifesto) at Notagallery, from April 12th to the 20nd, we got to grab an exclusive interview with the artist, Alexander Dik. This interview offers a glimpse into the creative process and inspiration of the artist.

Q : Can you please introduce yourself and your journey as an artist (short introduction)?

Alexander Dik, born on 20.12.1983 in Kazakhstan USSR, of German descent, 1992 migration to Germany, Berlin Marzahn. Ever since I was little, my biggest dream was to become a painter. I always lived it out passionately and secretly. In 2018 I decided to live my dream and started studying art in 2019, which I will finish this year with a master's degree. 

During the COVID time I secretly organized my first KELLERISM exhibitions in the underground area and was able to win over my first collectors.

Q :  Your work is hugely expressive, partly grotesque, partly corny, and partly sarcastic. How would you define your style and where does this come from?

My artistic practice mirrors the dichotomy of my being: externally organized and precise, yet internally chaotic and furious. I endeavor to forge a distinct aesthetic, crafting a unique and autonomous quality that I find lacking in both my surroundings and the broader art market. It’s a delicate navigation between the realms of beauty and the grotesque. As a NEORADICAL artist, my ambition is to propel painting and its storied history forward, while simultaneously revisiting ancient narratives through a contemporary lens. The current era lends itself to my artistic narrative. My inspirations span European artists across various epochs, with a special affinity for Georg Baselitz, whose historical and personal resonance with me is profound. Just as edifices require foundations, mine is rooted in German painting, complemented by the harmonies of musical epochs, from the intensity of Rammstein to the profundity of German rap artists like Kool Savas—simple, deep, irate, aggressive, and occasionally sarcastic. Sarcasm, a potent tool in my artistic arsenal, wounds not with lethality but with insight.

Alexander Dik‘s atelier in Berlin. Courtesy of Notagallery.

Q :  How do you choose the narrative of your paintings, are they inspired by personal experiences?

A fascination with history, stories, and imagery has always been at my core. The cyclical nature of history and narratives informs the fluidity of our human existence. I’ve learned to scrutinize stories, both historical and contemporary, integrating and questioning recurring motifs from art, politics, and society within my work. My own experiences significantly inform this process, as I strive to dismantle conventional narratives to unearth new perspectives, a journey fraught with challenges yet incredibly rewarding.

Discover Alexander Dik's paintings. 

Q :  How has your experience with martial art and entrepreneurship helped you or influenced you along with your artist journey?

A combative element pervades my body of work, reflective of my intrinsic nature and formative experiences. The discipline and dynamics of taekwondo, coupled with a decade of entrepreneurial endeavor in the food trade, have honed my resolve and adaptability, fostering a community-driven approach to innovation and change. These phases of my life, now viewed in retrospect, have been instrumental in my continuous personal and professional development.

Q : Why did you choose “Das Manifest” as the title for the exhibition and what is the overall theme you want to express with this exhibition?

"Das Manifest" (The Manifesto) emerged as a concept long before it materialized into a tangible series. After a year of dedicated creation, the concept found its form, necessitating not only the right gallery but also a synergistic team. Following my solo exhibition “PODIUM” in February 2024, and a collaborative project with rap artist NANA the Darkman titled “OH LORD,” "Das Manifest" was conceived. A subsequent introduction to NOTAGALLERY and its ethos through my manager Tillman Woeske solidified this exhibition’s foundation. "Das Manifest" stands as a defiant challenge to prevailing narratives, a battle against the daily diet of fear, and a critique against sanitized falsehoods. It declares the obsolescence of the so-called modern age, highlighting our global community’s stagnation. It’s a call to arms for the creation of new images and insights to restore equilibrium.

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Alexander Dik working on his artworks for the exhibiton „Das Manifest“ (The Manifesto). Courtesy of the artist. 

Q : Do you believe in creating art for art’s sake or do you associate art with meaning?

Art is the silent victim of shouting. That's all I can say about it.
Q : What’s you‘re favorite artwork of the solo show? Which one has a personal and emotional meaning to yourself and why? 

My favorite artwork of the exhibtion is ‚Desaster’. Compared to the others i needed the most time for this painting. I worked on this artwork for half a year. I’ve started over a view times and discarded the representation and the coloring. This is the artwork where I struggled the most. But the result is also the one I am most satisfied with. In the end it is important to me how well the picture is painted and that there is high quality. I like the painting, the color, and the depth. It has a very strong depth effect.