[ group exhibition ]

april - august 2023

Experiencing art is a very subjective topic.
It is a never ending dialogue between the artist, the art and the viewer experiencing it. As long as you are willing to open your mind to it, your perspective can change in the blink of an eye.
The more you are daring to go down the rabbit hole, chasing the unknown, you will find yourself at a crossroad of feelings that are rooted in your life experiences mixed with your own values, intellect and curiosity for an infinite search of meaning.
In art there is no right or wrong, only the intent to make you feel alive. This might be a gentle conversation or a conflict within yourself and your perspective on life, its complexity, simplicity and its beauty.
All this is caused by the coexistence of positive and negative feelings toward art within an individual.
The group exhibition “ambivalent” invites you to take the time to embrace all artworks created by national and international artists who share their perspectives with us, in order to inspire us to reflect on them in this special venue and its surroundings.


03.06.2023 | 6 pm - 10 pm

Notagallery constantly strives to showcase exceptional artists who challenge conventions and ignite the imagination with their works.

On this very special day we would like to highlight the works of Ian Shevack who is an extraordinary creative mind. This exclusive evening will provide a rare opportunity to get a personal tour by the artist himself, diving into his artistic vision and witnessing firsthand the creative process that shapes his remarkable artworks.

For all art lovers & collectors, Ian will customize limited prints that he is going to hand-finish during the event. The attendance is limited to 50 spots, so ensure your place at this exclusive gathering.



03.06.2023 | 11 am - 1:30 pm

Ever thought of creating art during your yoga session?

Well, join the exclusive Yin and Yang yoga class with our exhibiting artist and yoga teacher Franziska Katharina Röhrs and create your own unique art piece in the venues of Notagallery.

Using the body as a medium to paint and express, you will be able to bring your own energy flow during the yoga practice onto the canvas. The painting you create will be stretched on a frame (70 x 180 cm) after drying and will be handed out to you a week later.

In order to provide individual support and guidance, this exclusive session is limited to 5 participants only so hit your friends up, grab your ticket and be part of this truly special experience!


22.07.2023 | 4 - 6 pm

With the motivation to use art as therapy and challenge gender normativity, Notagallery invites you to the ceramic d*ck sculpture workshop with the Berlin-based Ecuadorian artist Daniela Torres. Daniela celebrates femininity, nudity, and vulnerability while strongly advocating for gender equality through her multidisciplinary artworks.

The workshop will be held amidst the current exhibition [ambivalent] which you can explore fully before or after the session. Enjoy a cosy and sociable atmosphere while being guided through the sculpting process. After firing your sculpture you can pick it up in coordination with the artist two weeks later.

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