Ivan Gette

Ivan Gette is a Berlin based abstract painter.He uses art and color to mirror the modern media – time with the experiences, meaningful people connections and the mediation of emotions.Lending from his personal history and identity, his boldly interpretative, color-coded work represents how society interacts, encounters and expresses moments and stories.He describes his style as “abstract nihilism”, which explains his impulsive way of creating art in total freedom, not being guided by rules and restrictions.His abstract works invite the viewer to have a dialogue and confrontation with their belief systems.

Selected Works

Creative Process Creative Process
Ivan GetteCreative Process
Sale price€8.400,00
Babelsberg Babelsberg
Ivan GetteBabelsberg
Sale price€9.630,00
Comparison Comparison
Ivan GetteComparison
Sale price€14.400,00
Nature overload Nature overload
Ivan GetteNature overload
Sale price€9.600,00
Warm regards Warm regards
Ivan GetteWarm regards
Sale price€9.600,00
Purple rain Purple rain
Ivan GettePurple rain
Sale price€9.000,00
Resonance of passion Resonance of passion
Ivan GetteResonance of passion
Sale price€9.000,00
Loving doubt Loving doubt
Ivan GetteLoving doubt
Sale price€17.400,00
Ninth dream Ninth dream
Ivan GetteNinth dream
Sale price€9.600,00
Bitter sweetness Bitter sweetness
Ivan GetteBitter sweetness
Sale price€9.600,00
Strong vulnerability Strong vulnerability
Ivan GetteStrong vulnerability
Sale price€9.600,00
Hopeful despair Hopeful despair
Ivan GetteHopeful despair
Sale price€9.000,00
Joyful Moods Joyful Moods
Ivan GetteJoyful Moods
Sale price€9.000,00
Chaos in Serenity Chaos in Serenity
Ivan GetteChaos in Serenity
Sale price€9.000,00
Third dream Third dream
Ivan GetteThird dream
Sale price€9.000,00
Excitement and fear Excitement and fear
Ivan GetteExcitement and fear
Sale price€10.800,00
Cold desire Cold desire
Ivan GetteCold desire
Sale price€9.600,00
Don't be a big dick (pink) Don't be a big dick (pink)
Don't be a big dick (red) Don't be a big dick (red)
Don't be a big dick (blue) Don't be a big dick (blue)
Expression Expression
Ivan GetteExpression
Sale price€9.600,00
Bright emotions Bright emotions
Ivan GetteBright emotions
Sale price€9.600,00
Inner thoughts Inner thoughts
Ivan GetteInner thoughts
Sale price€9.600,00
Drive and motivation Drive and motivation
Ivan GetteDrive and motivation
Sale price€10.200,00