Gentaro Masuda

Gentaro Masuda is a Japanese painter living in Berlin. Soon after finishing his study in mathematics and physics in Tokyo and Germany, he rapidly developed his career as a painter, participating in art fairs and group exhibitions, beginning with his first solo exhibition “Build” in April 2022 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. His works depict the physical and psychological effects on people under social transitions from a neutral perspective. Through his reconstruction of memories in painting, he explores the effect of unconscious values ​​that bind our actions.

Finding his inspiration in extensive historical research, reinterpretation, and reconstruction of personal memories, Gentaro’s works express the beauty of those of us who live in the present, moving toward a purpose in spite of the acknowledgment of finite time, the effort of change, the risks of apathy and despair. At the same time, it depicts the complex structure of contemporary society and its connection to the legacy of those who lived in the past, who also thought and tried to accomplish something in their finite time. Gentaro’s artworks aim to give people the opportunity to think about what they can and should do with the finite amount of time they have. It also invites the viewer to be aware that they are also part of the activity of creating something lasting through all forms of art, such as painting, writing, photography, and expressing one’s thoughts via some medium.

Selected Works

Untitled (3) Untitled (3)
Gentaro MasudaUntitled (3)
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Untitled (2) Untitled (2)
Gentaro MasudaUntitled (2)
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Tagesanbruch Tagesanbruch
Gentaro MasudaTagesanbruch
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Märchen Märchen
Gentaro MasudaMärchen
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