Born in Berlin, Germany in 1998, SIKE's passion for graffiti culture developed when he was ten years old. He visited many graffiti sites and exhibitions in Berlin. The Berlin graffiti artist PHOS4 supported SIKE from the beginning and worked together with him on his own projects. The collaboration culminated in a joint exhibition titled "STRONG CONNECTION" in a gallery in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 2016.

In 2017, SIKE presented his works in his first solo exhibition "EXITING CHILDHOOD" in Tegernsee, Bavaria. SIKE also collaborated on various video productions for artists of the German rap scene. The influence of music constantly accompanies him in his artistic work and so he began to produce his own music at the end of 2019. In October 2019, the canvas series "CULTURES" was presented in the rooms of the Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin. In June 2022 SIKE presented his works in the rooms of the legendary Bierpinsel. To date, the solo exhibition "ABOVE GROUND" is the first and only art exhibition in the Berlin landmark. In the context of this exhibition the first "NFT" of the artist was presented and published. This NFT was the artist's first unofficial music release.

This past May in New York SIKE presented NYNW, an homage to the groundbreaking 1981 "NEW YORK / NEW WAVE" exhibition that featured icons like Basquiat and Futura2000. This immersive show blurred the lines between visual art, fashion, and music. Canvases were suspended from metal chains to create dynamic movement. Opening night included a catwalk meets performance art collaboration with London-based design duo T.E.I.N., known for their avant-garde creations worn by stars like Madonna, Kesha and Billie Eilish. Accompanying the exhibition was an EP produced with acclaimed talents such as Gezin from the 808 Mafia, featuring four tracks that enhanced the visual experience, including a nod to the influential band" Gray," of which Basquiat was a member.

His works are inspired by graffiti to abstract and expressionist influences.

Selected Works

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