Dr. Molrok

Doterius Molrok alias Michael Ritzmann is a contemporary artist based in Germany, raised in the former GDR. After receiving his high school degree, he studied philosophy, psychology, and childhood education at the university of Erfurt in 2003 but later, abandoned the studies to focus on his artistic career. Dr. Molrok started working artistically with illegal graffiti in 1994. In 1999, he was introduced to the "Künstlerwerkst.tten“ in Erfurt, which he still uses frequently for his enamel works. He creates works in the genres of fine arts, painting, sculpture, photography, photographic processing techniques, production design, gold and silversmithing, props and facade/mural design as well as professional lunatism and projection mapping.

About the Collection in our Current Exhibition:

Dr. Molrok’s sculptures inhabit the fascinating intersection between art and science, delving into both micro and macro-biological formations. By drawing on scientific concepts, his works are meticulously designed to reflect the intricate beauty of natural structures. In particular, some of his pieces focus on the visual and conceptual intricacies of brain cells and nerve axons, portraying them through abstract, tentacle-like extensions.

In "Nucleolus Maximus,’ Dr Molrok exemplifies this concept,  merging street art aesthetics with cellular interpretations to craft an abstract representation of life’s building blocks. In both ‘Nucleolus Maximus" and ‘Oocyte Trisiomorphe,’ he demonstrates his talent for blending the visual appeal of street art with the depth of scientific exploration. These artworks invite viewers to engage on multiple levels, from appreciating their complex visuals to pondering the scientific ideas that inspire them. Ultimately, Dr. Molrok encourages viewers to freely interpret his works, allowing personal perceptions and reflections to shape their unique experience of his art.

Selected Works

Vortex 23p11
Dr. MolrokVortex 23p11
Sale price€5.000,00
Nucleolus maximus Nucleolus maximus
Dr. MolrokNucleolus maximus
Sale price€12.500,00
Vortex 23p11 Vortex 23p11
Dr. MolrokVortex 23p11
Sale price€5.500,00
Vectorvortex 21p11 / in between Vectorvortex 21p11 / in between