Anne Bengard

Anne was born in Leipzig, Germany and lived in Berlin until she moved to a small coastal town in the south west of England at a young age, resulting in a dual upbringing between England and Germany. She moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated in 2010 with a BA (hons) Performance Design and Practice.

Her artistic process is characterized by a slow and meticulous approach to painting, allowing her to thoroughly explore and express complex themes. Anne’s work plays simultaneously with beauty and discomfort, inviting viewers to confront and reflect on their own emotions and perceptions.

A pivotal influence on Anne’s artistry comes from her experiences in nightclubs and at events. These environments have infused her artwork with themes of fetishism. She questions devotion, obsession, and the nuances of worship. This influence is evident in her pieces, showcasing a profound exploration of passion and the human inclination towards obsessive behaviors.

Selected Works

At the core At the core
Anne BengardAt the core
Sale price€5.259,00
Most precious Most precious
Anne BengardMost precious
Sale price€4.269,00
Word search II Word search II
Anne BengardWord search II
Sale price€2.011,00
Word search I Word search I
Anne BengardWord search I
Sale price€2.011,00
Sharp Flutter Sharp Flutter
Anne BengardSharp Flutter
Sale price€2.011,00
Outgrowing Outgrowing
Anne BengardOutgrowing
Sale price€1.299,00
Breathless II Breathless II
Anne BengardBreathless II
Sale price€3.094,00
Breathless I Breathless I
Anne BengardBreathless I
Sale price€3.094,00
Caught Caught
Anne BengardCaught
Sale price€2.011,00
Forget me not Forget me not
Anne BengardForget me not
Sale price€6.806,00