Nackt im Ring : Solo exhibition by Sigurd Wendland

Nackt im Ring : Solo exhibition by Sigurd Wendland

"Nackt im Ring” is an unusual, extremely expressive compilation of works that reflect the current zeitgeist of our society and can be understood without instructions," young gallery owner Ivan Gette and art advisor Jonas Kirsch said. In the newly opened space, the two aim to arouse the curiosity of a wide audience  by combining contemporary art with engaging cultural events.

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Nackt im Ring - A Solo exhibition by Sigurd Wendland

In this compelling exhibition, "Nackt im Ring," artist Sigurd Wendland offers a vivid reflection of contemporary society. His works, characterized by their straightforwardness and lack of need for detailed explanations, capture the essence of our current zeitgeist.

Wendland's large-scale paintings showcase people in their most natural states—ranging from the beautiful to the ordinary, the erotic to the naive. He masterfully depicts life's dynamics through scenes filled with emotion, action, and a raw portrayal of humanity. The figures in his art engage in a dance of contrast—fighting, loving, and existing on the precipice of life's extremes, showcasing the blend of harshness and tenderness that defines our existence.

The exhibition delves into the prevailing uncertainties facing our world, such as pandemics, climate change, and the aftermath of war. Through vibrant and expressive imagery, Wendland illustrates the chaotic journey of life where individuals face their desires, vulnerabilities, and the innate search for connection and love amidst a backdrop of global challenges.

Through "Nackt im Ring," Sigurd Wendland invites audiences to confront the multifaceted realities of our time, offering a mirror to the collective soul of society. This exhibition is not merely a display of art; it is an invitation to witness the unfolding of human drama, rendered with a palpable intensity that challenges and captivates.

Artist : Sigurd Wendland

Exhibition duration: 02 December - 13 January, 2022

Gallery view of the solo exhibition of Sigurd Wendland at Notagallery, Berlin. 

Ring, 210 x 300 cm, Sigurd Wendland. Courtesy of the artist. 

Sigurd Wendland

Sigurd Wendland, a prominent German artist, has cultivated his craft under the guidance of Dieter Kraemer and Fred Thieler in Cologne and Berlin, respectively. Residing and creating in Templin-Groß Dölln, he has a dedicated studio in Berlin where he practices painting and graphic design. For over a decade, Wendland has been at the forefront of organizing art symposia, particularly focusing on plein air painting, across diverse locations including Usedom Island, Portugal, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Wendland, known for his global lifestyle, frequently stays in cities like Amsterdam, Lisbon, Cologne, and Potsdam. His work, often large-scale paintings, tackles themes such as the disparity between wealth and poverty, militarism, and religious fanaticism, portraying a stark, realistic view of societal issues. His ability to depict near-shocking, realistic scenes showcases the burdens and struggles of humanity, reflecting his extensive travels and observations.

In his art, Wendland adopts a baroque-like style that transitions into a modern critique of society, where the frailty and rawness of human life are laid bare, often through the depiction of figures in vulnerable, naked states. This approach not only highlights themes of greed, lust, and consumerism but also sets his work apart through the use of sketch-like representations, providing a fresh perspective compared to traditional masterpieces.

Wendland's reputation extends well beyond Germany, with his works featured in numerous exhibitions across Berlin, Hamburg, and other German cities, as well as internationally in Warsaw, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Zurich. He has also participated in various group exhibitions, further establishing his status as an internationally recognized artist. His unique narrative style and the poignant themes he explores resonate widely, earning him acclaim in the global art scene.