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Gesunder Größenwahn - Group exhibition 

In a world entrenched in rigid systems and often gripped by the fear of failure, creativity takes courage.

The exhibition 'Gesunder Größenwahn' is a statement from the new generations that we are embracing the bold notion of doing things differently. Repeating the same actions over and over again while expecting a different result is a level of insanity we are no longer willing to accept. Our wild dream is to dismantle old, stagnant structures and replace them with fresh, courageous visions that pave the way for a new future – a future of open doors and expanded horizons.

Our most significant cultural innovations often originate from a solitary idea—scribbled on a napkin in a coffee shop or sparked by a moment of clarity while boarding a train. These ideas, when shared, may seem almost incomprehensible to everyone except the creator, visionary who conceived them. It is the individuals who are unwavering in their conviction, those who might be labeled as insane by society, who are the true creators that transform our world. 

This exhibition features artworks by 32 global artists, blending the talents and mediums of both established and emerging artists, side by side. A proposition that some would consider too risky, too abnormal, too extreme. But the pioneers of art should not be forced to sit on the sidelines until their careers are over to receive recognition for expanding the definitions, mediums, and practices we call art.

On these walls, you can see the healthy insanity necessary for an artist to change the world—from Andy Warhol’s screen print portraits and the behind-closed-doors portraits of Marilyn Monroe to the outstanding digital art of Tina Winkhaus and the abstract geometric metal work of Dr. Molrok. An inspiration that cannot be limited by stagnant institutions whose vision of the world has become singularly dictated by monetary return at the expense of artistic integrity.

Every significant dream begins with a small idea, a personal note that can evolve into reality—like an artwork that can become an inspiration to a whole society.

Artists exhibited: Andy Warhol, Alexander Dik, Andres Serrano, Alessio Cannizzo, Angst Yok, Aya Takano, Camille Schaeffer, Claude Charlier, Dr. Banner, Crystal Paris, Dr. Molrok, Frank Worth, Enno Haar, Florian Reinhardt, Heidi Popovic Ivan Gette, Helga Vockenhuber, Jona Cerwinske, Lawrence Schiller, Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, Meng Yang Yang, Obou Gbais, Oleg Kulik, Olivier Kéros, Ren Jing, Soli KianiSven MarquardtTim White, Tina Winkhaus, Zeng Fanzhi, and Zhou Jinhua.

Curated by Ivan Gette 

We invite you to join the grand Opening on the 19th of July 2024 (6PM-11PM) 

The opening is on RSVP only, Join the Guest List here : Link

Gallery Space of the exhibition "Gesunder Größenwahn". Image credit : Dennis Hardt