Ren Jing

Ren Jing, born in 1975 in Anhui province, China, is a professional artist specializing in oil painting. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in China and currently lives and works in Beijing. Ren Jing's paintings are both terrifying and gorgeous, offering a captivating glimpse into other dimensions filled with enigmatic and unsettling imagery. His work dares viewers to look away, yet remains endlessly fascinating.

Selected Works

One wading One wading
Ren JingOne wading
Sale price€35.000,00
The dark pool of night The dark pool of night
Ren JingThe dark pool of night
Sale price€45.000,00
Flowers Flowers
Ren JingFlowers
Sale price€19.000,00
Misty forest Misty forest
Ren JingMisty forest
Sale price€22.000,00
A paradise A paradise
Ren JingA paradise
Sale price€75.000,00
Water knows the answer Water knows the answer
Ren JingWater knows the answer
Sale price€32.000,00
Waiting to see if its always worth the wait Waiting to see if its always worth the wait
Go back Go back
Ren JingGo back
Sale price€15.000,00
Green Mango 2 Green Mango 2
Ren JingGreen Mango 2
Sale price€32.000,00
Days to change Days to change
Ren JingDays to change
Sale price€45.000,00
Tonight no rain Tonight no rain
Ren JingTonight no rain
Sale price€45.000,00