Oljanna Haus

Oljanna Haus, born in 1998, draws inspiration from everyday life and
transforms it into colorful, abstract, and surreal images. Her works
primarily come to life using oil, acrylic, or mixed media on canvas and

Though her passion for painting began at a young age, it wasn't until the
first lockdown period that she fully developed her craft. Following her
training as a carpenter, Oljanna made her debut in 2021 with the graphic
novel "Sonne und Beton" by comedian Felix Lobrecht.

"I paint what I see," she says, and indeed, her art reflects objects from her
daily life, her studio, as well as influences from the hip-hop and fashion

Whether portraying abstract figures like in "Game Love" or hyper-realistic
motifs such as rapper Drake's album cover "her loss," one common
thread runs through all her pieces: vibrant colors inspired by the artist's

Selected Works

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