Oleg Kulik

Oleg Kulik, a Ukrainian-born Russian artist, is best known for his performances where he acts like a dog, often chaining himself to objects or people. Through violent, unpredictable actions instead of verbal commands, Kulik aims to highlight the conservative religious and societal norms in Russia. Born on April 15, 1961, in Kiev, Ukraine, he graduated from Kiev Art School in 1979 and later from Kiev Geological Survey College in 1982. Kulik documents his work through photography and video, gaining significant acclaim. He received a Berlin Senate scholarship in 1996, had a retrospective at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, and participated in the 1996 Interpol exhibition in Stockholm, where he famously attacked audience members and artworks. Kulik currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Selected Works

Alice vs Lolita Alice vs Lolita
Oleg KulikAlice vs Lolita
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