Kedimari (Melisa Maria Tatar) is a contemporary Romanian artist deeply influenced by the communal human narrative. Beginning her artistic endeavors at Ploesti Scoala Popular De Artã, she ventured into violin and painting, and later honed her oil painting and technical drawing skills at Istanbul Art Studio. After attaining her BFA in Graphic Design, Kedimari cultivated a unique artistic style that marries contemporary techniques with traditional expressionism. Her exhibitions at Notagallery in Berlin in 2023 and at Galerie Benjamin Eck in 2024 added another layer to her evolving artistic journey. Bridging the epochs of past and present, individual and community, her work is a vibrant mosaic of colors and forms.

Dramatic and expressionistic artistry of Kedimari reflects the overlapping emotions that connect individuals to a community.

Embodying the essence of a cabaret stage, the grandeur of a grand ball, or the intimacy of a local theatre, Kedimari’s works coalesce to portray the compelling narrative of community and the shared human experience.

Through her careful observation, Kedimari paints a narrative of singular personalities united by common threads, revealing the shared emotions that underpin our diverse lives. Each piece is a snapshot of a moment, a singular act in the drama of existence where individuals, despite their distinct personas, and resonate in shared sentiments.

Utilizing a rich and flowing color palette, Kedimari creates harmonious scenes that speak volumes about our collective past, rendered anew in contemporary colors and shapes.

Selected Works

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Vesikalik 11 Vesikalik 11
kedimariVesikalik 11
Sale price€238,00
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Vesikalik 9 Vesikalik 9
kedimariVesikalik 9
Sale price€238,00
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Vesikalik 8 Vesikalik 8
kedimariVesikalik 8
Sale price€238,00
Vesikalik 7 Vesikalik 7
kedimariVesikalik 7
Sale price€238,00
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Vesikalik 6 Vesikalik 6
kedimariVesikalik 6
Sale price€238,00
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Vesikalik 5 Vesikalik 5
kedimariVesikalik 5
Sale price€238,00
Vesikalik 2 Vesikalik 2
kedimariVesikalik 2
Sale price€238,00
Harem Ağası Harem Ağası
kedimariHarem Ağası
Sale price€2.427,00
Mental Safari Mental Safari
kedimariMental Safari
Sale price€5.569,00
Kiraathane XL Kiraathane XL
kedimariKiraathane XL
Sale price€24.395,00
Velvet Wishes Velvet Wishes
kedimariVelvet Wishes
Sale price€2.427,00
Sold out
Vesikalik 1 Vesikalik 1
kedimariVesikalik 1
Sale price€238,00
Mosaic of the Mind‘s Mirage Mosaic of the Mind‘s Mirage
Magenta Rhapsody Magenta Rhapsody
kedimariMagenta Rhapsody
Sale price€8.663,00
Eclipsed by thoughts Eclipsed by thoughts
kedimariEclipsed by thoughts
Sale price€8.663,00
The parlor of unspoken realms The parlor of unspoken realms
Silent Conversations in Satin Silent Conversations in Satin
Emerald Contemplation Emerald Contemplation
kedimariEmerald Contemplation
Sale price€3.641,00
Hanimkoylu Hanimkoylu
Sale price€2.570,00
Café Spectrum Café Spectrum
kedimariCafé Spectrum
Sale price€1.942,00
Non-recyclable Tool Non-recyclable Tool
kedimariNon-recyclable Tool
Sale price€1.285,00
Time Beggar Time Beggar
kedimariTime Beggar
Sale price€3.712,00
Lacuna Lacuna
Sale price€3.712,00
Moonlight Sonata Moonlight Sonata
kedimariMoonlight Sonata
Sale price€2.570,00