Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske is a Miami-based artist known for his unconventional approach and distinctive black and white graffiti art. Beginning his career with graffiti and murals, Cerwinske has significantly contributed to the transformation of Wynwood into a vibrant artistic hub. His work, characterized by intricate patterns and a stream-of-consciousness style, has adorned various surfaces from clothes and cars to entire walls, making each piece a unique artistic statement. He often works spontaneously without prior sketches or plans. This method allows for a free-flowing and organic creation process, resulting in highly detailed and dynamic pieces. In late 2000s his art got the attention of many celebrities and notables in the art and music worlds, including Lenny Kravitz, who’s now a good friend and mentor.

He described his work saying "I create in a marriage of two art forms that rebel against each other. I come from a generation when galleries did not accept anything from the street. And, vice versa, the street wanted nothing to do with the galleries. I had to experiment with what that looked like, combined."

Selected Works

Bimbo was here Bimbo was here
Jona CerwinskeBimbo was here
Sale price€5.000,00
Jona CerwinskeCSI
Sale price€12.000,00
Cry if you must Cry if you must
Jona CerwinskeCry if you must
Sale price€12.000,00
Pastell Pastell
Jona CerwinskePastell
Sale price€5.000,00
Astronaut Astronaut
Jona CerwinskeAstronaut
Sale price€7.000,00
Space Girl Space Girl
Jona CerwinskeSpace Girl
Sale price€11.000,00