Notagallery Session

Notagallery Session

Established with the vision of creating a cultural hub for artists and creatives, Notagallery has been pushing the vision since the day of inception. Whether it be fine arts or music, we have a deep appreciation for all and have been working together with the artists to create an experience and connect people and culture while creating a community through the language of it.

What we aim for is uplifting the talent that we have around while providing a valuable experience for everyone involved. Focusing on the principles of each one teach one; artists, established or emerging, provide a stage to each other and exchange fans and connections. Curating quality live acts from untouched gems and giving them opportunities and platform at the same time has not only made the Notagallery Sessions a platform for music enthusiasts to discover new artists and new sounds along while being a part of an experience and a community you can grow with.

It’s a register only event.

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