Anne Bengard

Forget Me Not


2023 | Oil on Linen | 90 x 130 cm |

‘Forget me not’ is a reinterpreted version of a piece of work Anne created in 2006, when she was 18 years old.
During Anne’s teenage years, many of her peers were playing the game of using a sharp object, aiming to stab it in quick succession, between the spaces of one’s spread fingers; a risky game. It points at the uncertainties she has faced and continues to face living and growing as an artist.
In the pursuit of building a career and striving for mastery, perhaps even trying to create a legacy, what has been achieved can easily slip out of focus. Anne collects her own work for the purpose of looking back on it to reminisce on the process and witness her progress. The two pieces beside each other are an acknowledgement and celebration of just that; What has already been accomplished in this lifetime.