Each painting is the result of two creative minds, which is accompanied by discussions and creative exchanges during the creation process.

We believe that paintings, like other works in music, film, theatre and prose, can be created by several artists and this is our trademark.

Painting is an enrichment for us individually, but above all it strengthens a deep friendship. What could be more beautiful than sharing a passion and creating something new that inspires?

The WE does not refer to us as individuals, but to us - as a humanity living in a time of unprecedented prosperity. The combination of the coolers used in the painting are a strong red and a light pink. They are reminiscent of Valentine's Day - the commercialization of human affection. We contrast the desire to have everything immediately with a, minimalist foreground. The font is centered and small. The rest of the canvas is covered only with the alarming red color. What can't we buy? we answer in the title with the words We buy. After all, isn't that what we do when we feel a void in our lives?
Er will Rein(heit)
Blue stands for prudence, competence and calmness. It is often associated with masculinity while white symbolizes purity, eternity and innocence. This work addresses the purity of a woman - measured by her sexual behavior. The absurdity of our society says that a woman is worth more if she is inexperienced. The image is an expression of ambivalence in the field of female sexuality. It is not about creating a male enemy image, as we ourselves are allowed to learn from countless fabulous men every day and rejoice in their influence. It merely highlights the fact that some men are willing to buy "innocence." Meeting female needs does not make women dirtier, at least not dirtier than men.
Von Innen
Elisabeth: I think „bought love“ is not real love. Evelyn: Why not? The person is sitting in front of the other. She can be paid to do something for the other person, to cook, to listen to her, to sleep with her. That's all reality, isn't it? Elisabeth: Yes, but that's not real love. That's business. Evelyn: So true love can't be a business? What does true love mean anyway? The interplay of colors and shapes extends dynamically from the inside to the outside. The pink background appears soft in contrast to the radiant colors. Some color streams are matte, others shinier. Some are soft and bright, others radiant red or dark green. We feel and seek so much at once. Why am I here with this person now? Do I want to be with her or do I want something else from her? Her contacts, her money, her body? The abstract painting shows an explosion from the inside. We believe: True love means truly wanting to love and acting accordingly. From the inside out. Love in that case means to give because you want to give. No reciprocation, no other incentives.