Sigurd Wendland

Sigurd Wendland is a German artist. He studied painting at Kölner Werkschule under Dieter Kraemer and HdK Berlin, where he became a master student of Fred Thieler. He lives and works in Templin-Groß Dölln and is active as a painter and graphic artist in his studio in Berlin. For over 10 years he has been organizing international art symposia on the subject of plein-air painting on the island of Usedom, but also in Portugal, Denmark and Switzerland. Sigurd Wendland occasionally resides in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Cologne and Potsdam, where, in addition to many portraits, he already tells his stories of greed for money, the gap between rich and poor, militarism or religious delusion in large-format paintings. His realistic, near-shocking scenes reveal the encumbrances of people. His pictures pay witness to his experiences and travels. By no means does he close his eyes to reality, which he helps to openly convey.