Siegfried Berno

Siegfried Berno is a German artist. In his work, he explores the concept of the mind, the creation of realities, and its relation to the perceived and encountered. For Siegfried, the mind and its capability to explore, imagine, and expand build the foundation for understanding existence. For him this is the case as it is essential in the process of defining, thinking, giving direction, and functioning. All concepts including the understanding of the “self” and the “other” are derived from the possibility to interact, observe and reflect on the observed. In his series „Subconscious Reflections“, he taps into the ever-lasting interplay between the conscious and subconscious mind. A dive into frequencies of deep reflection known from a trance state. Access to raw emotions, thoughts, and experiences that often lie in the concealed. A portal into the innermost. A gateway to the subconscious, exploring one’s own reality and creating a dialogue with other realities, putting everything into perspective. As our realities change each moment each day, the artwork, even though it is not changing is dynamic and the perception is changing with us. The works from this series share the name “Title will not be shared.” By not sharing the title, a preset is not given. By this, he challenges the observer to think beyond the artist’s point of view and shifts the focus to the one interacting with the painting.