Ole Ukena

Ole Ukena is a German multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Berlin and Bali. Ukena interweaves a variety of media including sculpture, installation, watercolor, drawing, text, photography & video, and has in recent years focused on working with textiles. Ukena is known to merge traditional embroidery processes in combination with high-tech reflective and uncommon materials. Ukena refers to his textile work simply as “paintings”. His recent work is typically situated in a place between abstraction and figuration and his intuitive lines create dream-like associations that open the narrative for the viewer to complete. Since 2020 his body of work has extended to architecture, murals, as well as wearable pieces, taking the work out from the gallery and studio context into the streets. His work has been shown in galleries and museums around the world including Center Pompidou, Paris (2011), Paris Photo, Grand Palais (2013), Giving Up Is Not An Option, Serindia Gallery Bangkok (2011), Highjacking Karma, Stigter Van Doesburg , Amsterdam (2015), Galeria Lume, Sao Paulo (2018), Three And One Chairs, KMAC, Museum, Louisville (2019).

Master Student Relationship
2022 | Embroidery, textile | 200 x 150 cm 
2022 | Embroidery, textile | 60 x 45 cm 
2022 | Embroidery, textile | 60 x 45 cm
2022 | Embroidery, textile | 60 x 45 cm
Him and Her and the Imaginary Obstacle
2022 | Embroidery, textile | 60 x 90 cm