Linus Ma


Even in my youth I liked to swim against the tide and found my passion as a free spirit in the art of expressionism.

Since painting in the children’s room bored me, my creativity quickly shifted to the streets of Berlin. First as a “sprayer” and later as a photographer.

The majority of society still has prejudices, which are created on the basis of appearances.

So I had no choice but to adapt. However, my rebellious heart never disappeared.

To unite my time then with today, I decided to move with a friend in November 2012 through Berlin-Mitte, which exudes a neat appearance and where I knew that people will look the other way even if we do something illegal. This shot was taken in front of the Kunsthaus Tacheles.

The most common question I am always asked is, “Is this picture posed?”

I can only say that I merely documented how people reacted who encountered us while we were doing our thing.

In other words, decide for yourself!