L. Giuseppe Gennaro

As a young Berlin-based artist, L. Giuseppe Gennaro channels his creative perspective into thought-provoking art that captures the essence of everyday life and society through an abstract lens. With a subtile irony and a playful use of words and symbolisms, his work offers a unique reflection on the world around us. Through his artwork, L. Giuseppe weaves abstract elements to portray the complexities of our behavioral patterns and the resulting consequences. His creations go beyond the surface, inviting viewers to pause and reconsider; allowing to discover intricate beauty and flaws in the common place. His abstract style enables him to convey emotions, thoughts, and stories in a relatable and unconventional manner. As he develops as an Artist independently, L. Giuseppe also studies architecture, which finds its way into his art through dimensional play of colors and layers. L. Giuseppe’s art promises to be a captivating exploration of the human experience, stimulating us to question and reflect on the patterns of our lives.

„In my work, I focus especially on the behavior of our society and the therefore resulting consequence. Especially with the human striving for a kind of infinity / immortality, which ensures that many of us have a strong fear of missing out and constantly live in the fast lane to achieve as much as possible, accumulate goods and create the illusion to come closer to immortality. According to the motto „I feel like my time is running out, I have to do something against it“. With my work I try to create a process of reflection of what consequences our behavior has for us and our environment.“

Down the Mainstream
2023 | Acrylic and Oil pastels on canvas | 160 x 115 cm
Need a Cigarette
2023 | Acrylic and Oil pastels on canvas | 150 x 120 cm