My investigation is based into the visual and spatial relationships between painting and sculpture. I assemble complex air supported wall-mounted works in which the surface the embossed lines are individual bas-reliefs and give rise to abstract or pictorial compositions, tracing and embossing the dotted lines and shapes directly onto the vinyl layers itself, I turn
the physical components of the artwork into inside outside.

The artwork deals with the aspects and meanings of the medium air, examine their manifestations. Air enters our body with the first breath and with death
we exhale the last breath. Each sculpture is a transformation of pure air. Interested in a hybrid paintings potential to create with the medium air the form of an actual object to function as the very embodiment of the object it depicts, the essential
qualities of air.

Referencing in the tradition of the ZERO avantgarde & minimalist abstraction, the bas-relief monochrome multi-layer “paintings’ are informed by a desire to explore ANTI-forms of representation. In essence of the medium air, their subject becomes the interplay between two and three dimensions, as experienced via shifts in surface, structure and depth.