is a 29 year old creative based in Berlin. She is an artistic autodidact true to the mantra “believe and achieve”, always seeking to create beautiful things that are equally relatable and thought-provoking. Her creativity and point of view are greatly influenced by having lived in nine cities across five continents: Working in New York City inspired her to live and breathe American pop culture. Studying in Scandinavia and Brazil shaped her passion for sustainability and mindfulness. Living in Hong Kong sparked her first love for the cultural richness of megacities and the many opportunities that come from immersing oneself in them. Weber’s multicultural lifestyle and strong sense of independence are among the greatest influences on her work.

Weber’s figurative oil paintings blend influence from French realism with an awareness of contemporary pop culture. The painting “Borchardt 12:28 AM” is from the series “Berlin Mitte Diaries”, a series that reflects on the way consumption and self-image interrelate. Her paintings imitate lifestyle scenes captured with her Leica and iPhone cameras, a homage to her early days as a photographer. The objects and compositions reflect scenes that seem culturally familiar, like scrolling through a social media feed. Yet the soft and warm color palette radiates a timeless elegance and depth, like a camera filter layered on top of the picture.