Jaron Gyger

After his federal apprenticeship as a graphic designer, Jaron Gyger studied illustration fiction at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where he discovered painting for himself. His fascination drew him to Germany to study figurative painting at the HGB Leipzig. Jaron worked for various studios, such as the Grand Studio Ltd. in Zurich or at Hella Studio in Bern, where he was not only a graphic designer but also a draftsman and illustrator. Through Jaron’s education and many years of experience, he has gained a broad view of art and design.

The painting of Jaron Gyger deals with the sensitivity and vulnerability of human existence. The works invite us to think and reflect on our own being. The artist reveals intimate, personal feelings, fears and weaknesses while describing a collective loneliness. His figures are autobiographical, but equally make use of archetypal ideas. Gyger is always on the lookout for new ways of expressing himself and reinvents his visual language in order to become even clearer without losing his own signature.

2023 | OIl on canvas | 110 x 210 cm
2023 | Oil on Canvas | 110 x 210 cm
2023 | Oil on Canvas | 110 x 210 cm
Quarantine dreams
Oil on canvas | 180 x 130 cm