Humza Rana

Humza Rana, born 1995 in Karachi (Pakistan), is a self-taught painter currently based in Berlin. His practice begins with studies of moments, places and people and develops into compositional arrangements dyed by reflections on art history, critical theory, colonialism, and lived experience – imagining vocabularies to recontextualize social relations on the margins of a narrative intent.

Humza’s artworks are taken as notes on the subliminal politics and interplay of guilt and penitence, and desire and longing, consequential of an identitarian framework. The figure is impaled to its material surrounding by an undisclosed violence, which displaces an organic sense of urgency. The drama however escapes a well-ordered understanding and must surrender to an Imaginary outside a logic of the sense to resolve itself.

Kritische Staatsbürgerschaft 1
2023 | Oil and collage on Linen | 90 x 60 cm
Kritische Staatsbürgerschaft 2
2023 | Oil, Keno tape on Linen | 70 x 50 cm
Blue Rider
2023 | Oil, Acrylic, flashe on linen | 80 x 80 cm
Study for insomnia 2/3
2023 | Oil on Canvas | 50 x 70 cm