Hey Bonito

Hey Bonito is the alias Javi Luque uses to express his strong eighties influence and uses art as a platform to inspire and connect within yourself. A lover of storytelling, he uses vibrant colors, organic shapes and textures, in combination with technology to generate a joyful dialogue that shows his personal vision of life.

Bonito dawn
2022 | Acrylic glass, spray can, acrylics and wood | 40 x 50 cm   
Gut feeling
2023 | Acrylics, spray can and acrylic glass | 60 x 100 cm
Isla Bonita
2023 | Acrylics, spray can, acrylic glass and wood | 50 x 60 cm   
Light me up!
2022 | Acrylic glass and LEDs | 40 x 50 cm
Where’s the party
2021 | Acrylics and spray can | 70 x 100 cm