Born and raised in conservative Belarus, Fabifa discovered a new found freedom when moving to Berlin in 2015. The city‘s open attitude provided a perfect platform for self discovery and reflection which she shows within her art. Her body of work captures harmonious moments, aiming to reflect her subject‘s sensations and feelings, in a perspective from which she is in control.

“My work brings up social and cultural questions, by examining traditional, popular and subcultures, notions of freedom and how these influence and form society.I close the gap between social stereotypes and open new ways for people to perceive different cultures in a globalized world.
Graphic rawness and clarity of lines are delivered through the properties of tape, my primary medium. My preference to this aesthetic was subconsciously influenced by USSR propaganda art and later in life, in stark contrast, by pop and comic art. Ironically the function of tape to ‘stick together‘ or bond lends itself perfectly in combining two opposing sources of inspiration. Essentially, my purpose as an artist is to embody the tape’s characteristic to make bonds and unite different ideas.”