Bobbie Serrano

Bobbie Serrano is an urban artist from Hamburg. He uses varied materials in the creation process of his works but he always remains true to his favorite motif: the bird. Whether on wood, canvas or walls, whether large or very small, his birds are at home in all sorts of colors and shapes around the world. Again and again, Bobbie uses his art to engage in cultural exchange and to challenge perceptions.

2023 | School map 1970, acrylic, spray paint | 140 x 180 cm
Fake Kanarienvogel
2023 | School map 1972, acrylic, spray paint | 120 x 140 cm    
Cage (Triptychon)
2022 | Wood, acrylic | 30 x 40 cm    
Family First 
2022 | Wood, Acrylic | 140 x 50 cm    
2023 | Wood, Acrylic | 40 x 50 cm