Anna Nezhnaya

ANNA NEZHNAYA is a Russian artist, who’s lived in Berlin since 2016. She takes up contemporary trends and motifs in her works and does not bind herself to one means of expression. Reviving true neon art she plays with themes of feminism and mythos to create works full of light, color and reflection.

The rabbit glows in neon. If you look closer, you can see the shape of a woman, extremities, breasts, vagina. “Down the Rabbit Hole” is a metaphor for a difficult situation, but for Anna also an inversion of Gustave Courbet’s painting “The Origin of the World,” which shows a close-up view of the vulva of a reclining, naked woman with her thighs spread. The rest of the body, except for the belly and a breast with a nipple, is not visible. “The image shows a woman as the source of a future universe”. Anyone who looks at the neon rabbit upside down will discover the analogy.