Anna Borowy

Anna Borowy is a German painter and founder of the art project ISEEYOU and lives in Berlin. Shortly after completing her studies in art/painting at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, she quickly developed her career as a painter and participated in art fairs and group exhibitions. Since 2010 she was represented by a gallery for 12 years – starting with her first sold-out solo exhibition „Sicht und Schein“ in November 2010 at janinebeangallery in Berlin-Mitte. In 2022 she started to found the independent art platform ISEEYOU to exhibit other artists in a collective idea away from galleries. In the past, her works depicted fairytale stories, often reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland – with a desire to return magic to people’s rationality in everyday life. To believe in impossible things that can sometimes give strength and confidence back to our fragile souls. Today, her paintings are mainly about the need to foster our interpersonalities, empathy and togetherness … Something that, with all the darkness and destruction in our world and around us, is the only thing that remains safe when everything else is unstable. Love and connection – opening up to each other, sharing desires and dreams – and above all, creating community.

„I believe that oil paintings are portals I believe those artworks holds energy vibration and all the feelings I believe paintings are distillations of the energy poured into them I believe that every brushstroke is an artifact of the artists state of being that moment Each artwork holds the emotional energy of those that gaze upon it paintings are magic making them is a magical process and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my most valuable resource: TIME “

Pink Helix
2023 | Oil on Canvas | 150 x 160 cm
When all is galore – its you & me
2023 | Oil on Canvas | 150 x 160 cm